The three sides of a triangle represent the mind, body, and soul. The number three also indicates creativity, expression, inspiration, and optimism. Not only does the triangle represent the physical, mental, and astral planes of existence but it also stands for past, present, and future or life, death, and rebirth.

In antiquity triangles were conceived by the ancients to explain the secret order of the cosmos. The triangle symbolized the belief that divine powers were connected to the physical world here on Earth, and as a result the triangle is often seen as a spiritual doorway. The triangle is a versatile symbol, carrying a variety of different meanings: from balance and creativity, to manifesting or illuminating truths, it is a symbol of transformation—accessing the Earth grid and working with light, love, and compassion in order to witness spiritual ascension.

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"Together, through intrinsic exploration, we will perpetuate the growth and change you’d like to see in your life. Health goes far beyond the traditional understanding of food and fitness. That’s why coaching with Awareness Medicine is a thought provoking process that allows you to maximize your personal potential, in ALL aspects of your life: emotional, professional, spiritual & sense of belonging, social, physical, environmental, nutritional, and intellectual. Spiritual coaching is different from therapy in that it won’t deeply ruminate on your past. Instead, it will guide you forward with who you are right now, warts and all."  -  Founder of Awareness Medicine, Meaghan O'Herron